Spiritual Coaching


What’s getting in the way of your soul’s purpose?


The healing process is not about fixing yourself; it’s about letting go. Through coaching sessions, you’ll release blocks—physical, emotional, mental—that keep you limited in your potential and drag down your health. For instance, you might discover through our work together that it’s time to let go of certain people in your life, cut out a food that’s making you subtly sick, or abandon activities you used to enjoy that no longer serve you. In healing, you’ll receive clarity and insight about your lifestyle and your life path.

Sometimes, talking things through is helpful, but often, it can only get you so far. My coaching techniques also often include intuitive energy healings®, a field in which I hold a master certification.

You don’t have to have a defined issue to start spiritual coaching sessions, but it’s helpful to have even a loose idea of where you’d like to begin. No issue is off-topic here: career, relationships, health, emotions and even just a vague feeling of being “stuck” are all valid reasons to pursue coaching.

Sessions are one hour, in-person or by phone. Minimum 3 sessions at $185/session. After you make your purchase I will contact you to schedule your first session.

Have questions? Contact me to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation.