Space Clearing

Have you ever felt uplifted or irritated upon simply entering a place? Some people are more sensitive to this phenomenon than others, but there’s no doubt that energy in our space is a powerful influence on our lives.

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Some clues you might be in need of space clearing include:

  • You or someone in your house always seems to be sick.
  • You feel the presence in your house of someone who is no longer living.
  • When you look around you at your surroundings, you feel a low-grade dissatisfaction.
  • You simply feel stuck or stagnant in your home.

De-cluttering can be a great first step to shift energy. Once you’ve done that, there’s room to purposefully move or remove energy. Using techniques that include herbs and salts to burn away old, stagnant energy, I can help bring in vibrant, harmonious new energy that will activate shifts for you.

Onsite, in-person sessions begin at $185 and depend upon the size and location of your home or space. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule a session.